Telecome & Networking  
Transportation markets create a diverse and complex
embedded design landscape, fragmented by the very
nature of global transportation venues but unified
in the need for flexible, reliable, long-term
The telecommunications industry has evolved into an
amalgamation of many different technologies, such
as traditional local and long-distance service,
video on demand (VOD) and broadband communications,
such as Internet and video conference services.

Industrial automation is a key facet of global
manufacturing industries, with enterprises facing
enormous pressure to automate and integrate to
maximize output, improve cost-efficiency, and

generate tangible competitive value...

Medical Oil & Gas / Power
Test and Measurement focuses on dedicated
equipment for analysis, validation,and verification
of electronic device measurement, mechanical systems,
and end products....More

Medical markets present diverse opportunities for
bedded designers, fueled by demand for real-time
 data processing and sharing, high definition
imaging and graphics displays,and creative,
compact solutions that enable healthcare anywhere


The most valuable natural resources that fossil oil
and natural gas to process, use facilities requires special
 certified IT equipment...More

شرکت سناکو (سروش نیرو افزا) دارای نمایندگی انحصاری Adlink  تایوان در ایران می باشد. شرکت Adlink تایوان در زمینه کامپیوتر های صنعتی، (IPC)، سیستم های کنترل داده(DAQ) و ... . فعالیت می نماید.
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