CrossBoard  60Classic 185Power
  • All-Round Touch-Safe protected power distribution system
  • Very safe, space saving and clear design
  • Mounting of the components without any tools
  • UL approved
  • Wide range of busbars available even with its small dimension
  • Safe, saves space and clearly arranged in its design
  • Diverse mounting of a wide range of components
  • Many of the components comply with UL 508 requirements
  • New, modular and single-sourced _ That's 185power from WOHNER. discover a perfectly matched system complite with efficient components and maximum mounting friendliness.
Centre Feed Unit 30 Compact 3 POLE 30 Compact 5 POLE
  • clearly arranged design, drill-free assembly and electrical direct-contacting
  • customised solutions thanks to a wide range of incoming connections
  • TCC section busbars offer even more connection possibilites
  • short-circuit withstand capacity of up to 120 kA
  • compact control and distribution
  • number of components is kept to a minimum
  • many 60Classic components can be used here as well
  • developed especially for its use with MCBs
  • wide variety of combinations possible with just a few modular components
Panel, Fuse Holder Panel, Switch disconnectors  General Accessories 
  • Special solutions and accessories for panel boards