Helmholz dostributed fieldbus I/O
Helmholz Profibus
Helmholz Components for the s7-Siemens
  • Bus Couplers such as: PROFINET IO, PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen slave, DeviceNet Slave, Modbus/TCP, /EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT
  • Digital and Analog Input/Output Modules
  • Function Modules
  • Communication Modules
  • System Modules
  • Planing Tools (TB20)
  • PROFIBUS Screw terminal connectors, EasyConnect connectors, M12 Connector
  • PROFIBUS connector, Diagnostics LED
  • PROFIBUS Repeater: twin Repeater, multiRepeater, Compact Repeater
  • Couplers: DP/PN, DP/DP, DP/CAN
  • Profipoint (Active Termination) Modules
  • Gateways: NETL ink, NETL ink USB Compact
  • OPTopus PROFIBUS Optical Link
  • PROFIBUS Optical Hub
  • Input/Output Modules
  • Memory Modules
  • Communication Modules
  • Front connector for DEA/AEA
  • Mounting Rails for 300/1500 series

Helmholz Interface Converter 
Helmholz CAN
Helmholz Profinet
  • Programming Adapter serial (RS232-RS422) Helmholz
  • PC Adapter USB Helmholz
  • MPI Adapter HMI Helmholz
  • MPI adapter RK512 Helmholz
  • S5 Ethernet converter Helmholz
  • S5 USB Programming Helmholz
  • SSW3 Interface Converter cable (RS232/TTY) Helmholz
  • DP/Can Coupler Helmholz
  • CP (CAN300 - CAN400) Helmholz
  • PN/CAN Gateway Helmholz
  • CAN Bridge Helmholz
  • CAN bus connectors 90,180 degrees
  • PROFINET Connectors Helmholz
  • PROFINET Switches 4-port, 8-port, 16-port Helmholz
  • PN/CAN Gateway Helmholz
  • DP/PN COUPLER Helmholz
  •  PN/PN COUPLER Helmholz

  Helmholz Infrastructure/Security
Helmholz Industrial Remote Solutions
  • CAN bridge, 2 x CAN bus interfaces
  • Industrial NAT Gateway/Firewall
  • PROFINET Switches 4-port, 8-port, 16-port
  • REX 100 Ethernet router Helmholz
  • REX 300 Ethernet router Helmholz
  • Teleservicemodules for MPI/PROFIBUS
  • Antennas