SNA Co. (Soroush Niroo Afza Co.) is the only exclusive representative of Helmholz products in Iran. Helmholz is a German company that is sited in Hannberger Großenseebach and produces high-tech automation technology components for over 30 years. high standards for quality and performance have provided the foundation for this pride in their products and they have been certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 since 1999 including Industrial remote solutions, Industrial Ethernet, fieldbus applications, profinet switches, distributed I/o system, components for S7, industrial NAT gateway/Firewall, profibus connectors, interface converters, etc. ...VISIT WEBSITE
Cabur is the leading company in Italy in the field of modular terminal blocks for electrical panels. Over the years, Cabur has built on its strengths and has added other products including electronic products, installation products, photovoltaic system solutions, and industrial marking systems. Cabur’s line of power supplies is the most advanced and complete available in Italy, making it the largest national manufacturer of DIN-rail power supplies. SNACo (Soroush Niroo Afza Co.) is the only Iranian company that has Cabur’s exclusive representative in the country proudly. ...VISIT WEBSITE

Wohner is a German company that stablished over 90 years ago and today is a competent partner worldwide for energy distribution, control technology and renewable energies. Their components for panel mounted and busbar assembly for international safety systems is admired by engineers all around the globe. SNACo (Soroush Niroo Afza Co.) has been proudly represented as exclusive wohner’s business partner in Iran since 2017. ...VISIT WEBSITE
Headquartered in Taiwan, ADLINK has operations in the United States, UK, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Japan, Korea and Germany. ADLINK products are currently available in over 40 countries across five continents. With design and technology centers in the U.S., the Pacific Rim regions and Germany, ADLINK is a technology-leading platform provider in the embedded computing industry and SNACo (Soroush Niroo Afza Co.) turned out to be a powerful sales representative in Iran. ...VISIT WEBSITE

De Pretto Industrie started its journey in 1885 and for more than 130 years have been operating in the energy sector realizing a wide range of complex systems. During their long history they have always played a primary role in the energy sector, enhancing their offer with turbomachinery and turbocompressors. SNA Co. (Soroush Niroo Afza Co) has proved to be a reliable business partner during recent years and is trying to provide high-tech industrial needs through its powerful trading skills. ...VISIT WEBSITE
Enerray S.P.A. – founded in 2007 and entirely controlled by SECI Energia, Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri – is leader in the design, development and management of medium and large photovoltaic plants.
EPC and O&M services of Enerray are based on a well-established and continuously growing experience, acquired on various plants and on an overall power of more than 250 MWp and many others under construction. This experience made of Enerray a bench-mark in the international photovoltaic market.