Today’s highly increasing competitiveness over the industry, demands high quality and most consistent control process solutions with a competitive price. These may include upgrading older equipment, platforms and technology to complete replacement and brand new systems.
SNA Co. (Soroush Niroo Afza Co.) is a leading Iranian company that serves a wide variety of industrial markets with the cooperation of world’s leading companies representing a family of automation products including system components for automation technology, products and systems for power distribution and connections, electronic products for electrical panels, sensor solutions for industrial applications, embedded computer on modules and Industrial PCs, etc.
The corporate philosophy of the company SNA Co. includes a commitment to providing superior solutions and service to our customers, in fact we are excellent solution providers in a broad range consisting of control system design, industrial automation integration, process automation, control system migration, complete programming and configuration services, including logic conversion, coding, and building I/O and control applications.
SNA Co. ’s expert engineering team has the qualifications and experience to handle any situation in order to meet safety standards, and provide the best solutions for different industries.
we have the honor of working with major and independent oil and gas companies, chemical and petrochemical companies, electricity & water authorities, port and harbor authorities, alimentary industries, power plants, automotive industries, machinery manufactures, steel companies, tile mills, cement mills and engineering companies.
Clients relay on our team to provide services from design, integration and measurement technology, systems, to data telemetry and quality control, scientific analysis, and engineering or operational guidance.
Our vision is to be the most reliable name in the industry by using top class management on the basis of engineering knowledge and becoming the country’s leading company to provide complete solutions of industrial automation and instrumentation by backing with international quality services.
We will constantly strive to be the thought leader and the best source of automation, enterprise integration and sustaining services for our clients. To fulfill this commitment, we will be flexible, responsive, professional and ethical in all of our endeavors.